Adega Vila Lisa

Restaurant Adega Vila Lisa

The Restaurant Adega Vila Lisa at Mexilhoeira Grande, Portimão, Algarve, operates on the premises of an Algarve house, with doors and windows framed by blue bars, tables and benches, which allow a good conversation and socializing.
Only dinners are served, always with a fixed price, consisting of a Tasting Menu that includes starters, four dishes, sweet, drink, coffee and medronho spirit.

"At Mexilhoeira Grande a tavern of its name, Vila Lisa is celebrating 25 years of existence. I call it tasca because it is, but also to mark a difference in this Algarve from the standardized tourism where business, urban, environmental and cultural vulgarity prevails."

(Leonel Moura – Jornal de Negócios)

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" António-Pedro Vasconcelos is one of the biggest absurdities committed in recent years in this country: to have revealed to all people, through a chronicle ..., the existence of this culinary pearl that is the Villa Lisa, in the western Algarve ... But nobody takes away from me the decade of culinary culture that I already take home from Vila Lisa and that one day later I can tell my grandchildren: Once upon a time, in Algarve, a restaurant ...”

(Miguel Sousa Tavares – revista Grande Reportagem)

"There is no menu in the Villa Lisa. What is best in the market what will be served at dinner, and all eat the same dishes that are served in a menu-degustation cadence (...) as a second dish we were given an oula squid, cooked on the spot, just seasoned with the Its black ink and a string of excellent oil. A perfection (…)"

(Alfredo Saramago – Revista Evasões)

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Rua Francisco Bivar
8500-132 Mexilhoeira Grande



282 968 478

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